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Katelyn Pitter

Property Manager
Specialising in: 
Property Management

Empathetic, reliable and committed to providing a six star service, Katelyn Pitter is known for her warm and friendly personal style.

With a strong understanding of the rental market, clients can expect a communicative approach and comprehensive market advice enabling them to maximise the value of their property assets, while achieving outstanding results with peace of mind.

A natural rapport builder with an obvious passion for people and property, Katelyn enjoys the interaction with both tenants and landlords and believes in maintaining a harmonious relationship with both. Her approachable manner coupled with her innate and renowned ability to simplify and solve a problem, ensures Katelyn resolves any issues immediately and with minimal fuss to all parties..

“Displaying a refreshing ‘can-do’ attitude and excellent problem-solving skills, Katelyn is quick to respond to maintenance and repairs issues and goes out of her way to ensure the best resolution”.